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New Products For 2018 in Amherst, NY

New Fashion Eyewear:

Tom Ford
Alain Mikli Paris
John Varvatos
Michael Kors
KLiik and FYSH Eyewear
EVATiK Eyewear
Line Art Eyewear
Tuscany Eyewear

New Fashion Sunwear:

New Fashion Sunglasses by Tom Ford, Alain Mikli Paris, John Varvatos, Michael Kors and Ray-Ban.
These just released styles represent the latest in.
Fashion Sunwear
! Come in and see all the great styles.

Digital Free-form Technology:

Varilux® X series is the first varifocal lens to dramatically reduce head movement and ensure that your vision is as natural as possible for every day activities within arm's reach and beyond.

Varilux® X series is the best varifocal design ever made. Everything that matters today happens within arm's reach. Before now, no varifocal lens has been designed to accommodate these modern day behaviors and therefore you had to 'point your nose to where you want to look at'

NEW: The Varilux® X series is the result of a lens that removes this limitation through its 'Xtend' technology. In addition to providing sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance, it extends your vision within arm's reach, so you no longer have to tilt or angle your head to find your focus. You no longer have to move you head to see clearly in a progressive lens design.

Essilor W.A.V.E. technology is wearer tested with over 400 million sold.

Shamir Autograph III® : New technology that allows Shamir's designers to adjust the strength of your prescription, giving you variable power alignment in every usable portion and point of your progressive lens. This also allows us to choose the width of the corridor for individuals who need a wider viewing range when using the computer and/or for near point activities.

Shamir Blue Zero : New polymer formula that blocks up to 98% HEV blue light in the 415 to 435nm range. This protects you from overexposure to blue light while maintaining lens clarity.
Natural and Artificial light sources are present everyday in our daily activities and are seen in use of TV and computer screens, smart phones, tablets and more. On average Blue Zero blocks up to 3X more harmful blue light than a standard clear lens.
  • Digital Free-form progressive bifocals (surfaced on back side) improve your visual clarity with computer designed surfacing and manufacturing.
    • Reduce glare especially under low-light conditions
    • Improve contrast which can help sharpen your vision
    • Colors appear more intense and vibrant for brighter definition
    • Wider Field of vision across the complete lens surface
    • High-Definition lenses

NEW: Crizal Sapphire ® 360 UV Anti-Glare Coating.
  • The first Multi-Angular Technology ™ to reduce reflections from all angles of light
  • Optimal UV (Ultra-Violet) protection without any comprise to clarity.
  • Minimize unwanted reflections from all directions with less distracting glare. This coating is especially helpful for night time driving.
  • Crizal Sapphire ® 360 Best in its class for transparency!
  • Blue Light is part of the visible light spectrum between 400nm and 500nm. This is one of the shorter, higher energy wavelengths and is difficult for the eyes to focus on. Today it is easier to go beyond healthy blue light levels especially at night.
  • Research shows daily exposure to (HEV) "Blue Light" over an extended period of time can be harmful to the retina, iris, conjunctiva and cause premature aging of the skin surrounding the eyes.
  • Concerns about eye health today are increased with the use of digital devices and indoor artificial lights.
  • These NEW BLUE LIGHT FILTERING LENSES are designed to block out the High Energy Visible Light (HEV) or "Blue LIght" that can cause eye fatigue, glare, headaches and disrupt your natural sleep cycle (circadian rhythm).
  • Today Blue Light Filtering Lenses such as Blu-Tech ® and Clear Blue Filter
    are available to meet these needs. These lenses are available in plastic, polycarbonate, clear or proprietary tints and materials and your choice of non-glare coatings. Please ask for more details.

Magnetic Eyewear:

Polarized Magnetic Sunglasses
Memory Metal Magnetic Sunglasses

Contact Lenses:

Now for the first time, all patients can go home with their new prescription in one hour! Our contact lens inventory has been expanded to number in the thousands.

Biofinity Energys™
Bausch & Lomb ULTRA® Contact Lenses with MoistureSeal® Technology
Bausch & Lomb PureVision 2 High Definition Silicone Lenses
SynergyEyes Hybrid Contact Lenses
Soft Contact Lenses
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