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3561 Sheridan Dr.
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Contact Lenses In Amherst, NY

Contact lens - Complete Vision Care in Amherst NY
At Eye to Eye Optical Inc. in Amherst, New York, we offer the latest technology in contact lenses. If you've always wanted to try contacts or have had problems in the past, let us help you look at the latest innovations to see if these new solutions may work for you. Also serving Buffalo, New York.
You can select from our large inventory which include thousands of new contact lenses, and we offer the 30 nights continuous wear soft disposable contacts, which is considered the new, non-invasive alternative to Lasik® Surgery.

Our Inventory Includes:

  • Daily Use Contacts
  • Two Week Replacement Lenses
  • One, Two, Three, & Six Month Lenses
  • One Year and Planned Replacements
  • Color Soft Lenses
  • Soft Lenses for Dry Eyes
  • Ultra-Violet Computer Filtering Contacts
  • High-Oxygen Supply Disposable Soft Contacts

Our Special Package Includes Soft Contact Lenses For:

  • Occupational Specialty Custom Designed Contacts
  • High-Oxygen Breathable Contacts
  • High-Water Content for Dry Eyes
  • Ultra-Violet Protection
  • Continuous Overnight Wear Lenses
  • Mono-Vision
  • Emergency-Special Occasion Fittings
  • Distance
    • Spherical Powers Plano to -16.00
    • Spherical Powers Plano -9.00 Axis 10° to 180°
    • Astigmatism Cylinder Powers -0.75 to -2.75
  • Bifocal (Aspheric Progressive Design
  • corrects vision at all distances near and

Soft Contact Lens Designs

Distance Correction:
Astigmatism Design:
Aspheric Design:
Bifocal Aspheric Design:
Bifocal Astigmatism Progressive Design:
No matter what your vision needs are we can create the perfect package so you can see clearly without any discomfort from your contacts.
Contact us and make an appointment for the best in Complete Vision Care today.
We care about you, your vision, and your comfort !
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